We have a few tips for you.

There is a new trend on social media that’s catching up like wild fire. It’s so popular that the marketing gurus are assessing the potential impact it will have on the way the content is marketed.

It also bluntly puts forth the fact that the age of long copy and text heavy content is over. People today like to see visually rich content that is easy and convenient to read and understand. And this content assimilation trait of consumers has become one of the hottest trends seen in Social Media Content Marketing. Welcome to the age of Visual Marketing.

Thanks to the superfast video streaming speed one can get today, visual marketing through videos, GIFs, 360 degree video streams, Facebook live streaming and so many more formats like mixed reality, augmented reality etc. the visual dominance has been realized by top Social Media Marketing firms and brands alike.

“Visual marketing has evolved, and with it, so have online strategies.”

The gradual transition of readers has been seen for many years and not just now, as long copy trends have almost gone extinct. This was followed by the era of infographics, visuals that were able to express a lot of information through easy to grasp imagery. Infographics are still heavily used for creating fast food content that matches with the attention span of consumers today.

“As consumer appetite for captivating visuals has increased, businesses and brands must provide them with the medium they are more inclined towards – Visual. ”

The biggest brands today have one thing in common, if you look at their branding, content marketing and visual presence, each one of them has created a distinct appeal through strong visual content by using visually rich social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Vine etc.

Why Does Visual Content Matter?

  • Visual content is more engaging that any other form of content.
  • There are no content abandoning points like – read more, scroll or next page
  • Visual and audio can create real life experiences for industries like travel & hospitality
  • Visual content is less time consuming and omits the language barrier
  • It reduces the burden on the consumer by adding convenience
  • It has a promising future with augment, mixed and virtual reality catching up

“The right visual marketing can expand the life of a product, boost a campaign and even convince your consumer to buy it without trying.”

Statistics that show the rise of visual marketing in Social Media

  • Over 63% of all social media content today is images, and 66% of new posts are some form of visual content
  • Content with suitable images receive over 94% more views. This tells why GIF is such a success
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without images, and 37% more engagement is experienced when posts on Facebook include photos

How to redress your Social Media Strategy to make it visually impactful

  • Use artistic and high quality photography as much as possible in your posts.
  • Use creative videos for narration with minimal text to engage your audience
  • Create scope for uploading videos, selfies and groupies by your page visitors to make your social page more visually active.
  • Include infographics, comic strips, memes and emojis to add life to your otherwise stale looking content.

The above mentioned methods will work differently for different services or products. For example, a food blogger can make the most out of small video posts, at the same time a financial analyst can exploit infographics to make the post more impactful. Generally one must figure out a perfect mix of different visual posts to get going. As making visual posts is a time consuming and skill based task.

Before we sum it up, here’s a list of tools and apps available on internet to make your own visual impact on Social Media.

Image Making Tools

  • Canva
  • BeFunky
  • Skitch

Video Making Tools

  • Nutshell
  • Magisto
  • Animoto
  • Videoshop
  • iMovie App

GIF Creating Tools

  • Gifcreator
  • Giphy
  • Ezgif