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Retargeting is an online advertising method with which brands can boost their visibility and in turn bring in more traffic on their websites. Statistics show that just 2% of web traffic converts into customers on the first visit. And it at this juncture that retargeting comes into play. Also known as remarketing, retargeting is a potent advertising tool specifically designed to help brands to the rach out to the 98% of their users who have not been converted into customers.

A cookie-based technology, retargeting makes use of JavaScript code which anonymously follows the target audience all over the Web. This code also known as pixel and can not be noticed by the visitors to your website, neither does it affect the overall performance of your website. Whenever a new visitor comes to the website, the pixel drops a broswer cookie. Later when this visitor browses the Web, the cookie helps in retargeting the visitor by serving ads based on pages he visited on your website. This way retargeting not only draws attention to your website, but also saves your advertising expenses as it targets audience which already knows about your products and has shown interest in it.

How can you use retargeting as a tool to boost your business?

Now that you are well aware about what exactly is retageting strategy, let us move on to how can it help your business grow and bring the brand better return on investment (ROI). Retargeting can be used in the following ways to build your business:

a. Target customers who have abandoned their shopping cart

Often businesses see abandoning of the shopping cart just before the final check-out. Such customers need a small 'push' to buy the products. And this is where retargeting can help. There are instances wherein the customer is retargeted bu offering them some kind of discounts or free shipping offer in order to make them complete the checkout process.

b. Increase subscriptions through pop-up forms

Another method of using retargeting tool is increase the number of subscriptions to your website. By convincing the vistors to subcribe to your newsletters, you can easily engage them through product suggestions and discounts. This way you can boost your sales.

c. Target current customers by cross-selling products

With retargeting strategy not only can you focus on new customers, but can also engage the existing ones by cross-selling products to them. For eg based on their purchases, you can always recommend them products which are an add-on to their existing purchases. This is the best way in you can convert your existing clients into loyal clients.

d. Behavioral retargeting

This is a process which involves sending of emails to the users based on their browsing behavior. Behavioral retargeting allows you to rope in more customers into your sales net, build strong bond with the existing customers as well as work towards brand awareness strategies. This way you can easily communicate in a better manner to your existing customers as well as broaden up your client base.

This way retargeting is one of the most effective tools with which you can advertise your products and services, engage your customers as well as earn better ROI. Make it a vital component of your digital marketing strategy and see your business grow!